Terms and Conditions of Dumpster Rental:

Please Read:

You will be sent a finalized agreement before payment is submitted, please read and review the terms and conditions of renting one of Alex’s Waste Solution’s dumpster.

I, the homeowner/ contractor am renting a dumpster from Alex’s Waste Solutions LLC, and I agree to the following terms below.

Containers are rentals are available for 7 to 10 days, specific date and range will be specified in final agreement, should the the dumpster not be returned within the time period listed in the agreement, there will be an additional cost of $15.00 per day.

The container weight limit will be displayed in final agreement. If the client dumpster rental exceeds weight ton limit, the client will be charged an additional $75.00 per each additional ton .

Rental fee includes dumping the rental container once.

Rental payment is to be paid in full at time of delivery. Cash, credit card, business card made payable to Alex’s Waste Solutions LLc. If paying by check, a valid driver’s license is required.

On the day of pick up, Alex’s Waste Solution will attempt to make a courtesy call before arriving for pick up. If the container is inaccessible in any way ( DO NOT BLOCK THE DUMPSTER) a $70.00 trip charge will apply.

Customers are only allowed to fill the disposal dumpster level to the top of the dumpster. There will be an additional $80.00 or more for overfilling the container.

An additional $25.00 fee will be charged for checks returned for insufficient funds.

An additional $50.00 per item will be charged for the disposal of air conditioners, refrigerators, or any other item containing freon.

An additional $35.00 per tire will be charged for the disposal of tires.

Absolutely no dumping propane tanks, wet paint, hazardous materials, mattresses, radioactive materials, hazardous chemicals, televisions, household garbage, or asbestos. Customer assumes the responsibility fees associated with these materials.

Customers assumes full responsibility and the full liability for any damages to the container that may occur during their rental period.

Keep children away from the container. Absolutely no playing in, on, or around the disposal container.

Customer assumes fill responsibility and full liability for any and all injuries that may occur during their rental period.

Note: Our delivery truck and equipment are heavy. Alex’s Waste Solution LLC assumes no responsibility for damage to your driveway or property caused by our trucks or equipment during the delivery or retrieval of the rent equipment.

Customer is responsible for all over weight tickets by DOT and any damages to the container:

  • 10 Yard has a max weight of 1 Ton $75.00 per ton after
  • 15 Yard has a max weight of 2.5 Ton $75.00 per ton after
  • 20 Yard has a max weight of 3 Ton $75.00 per ton after
  • 30 Yard has a max weight of 4 Ton $75.00 per ton after
  • 40 Yard has a max weight of 5 Ton $75.00 per ton after

I have read and fully understand that Alex’s Waste Solutions is not responsible for any damage to your driveway or property caused by their delivery trucks or equipment in the course of delivery or retrieval of the rented equipment. Nor Alex’s Waste Solution responsible for any injuries that may occur during the rental period. I, the homeowner/ contractor, have throughly read and fully understand all of the terms listed above and fully agree the terms listed above.

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